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Spring 2014 Market Update

The real estate market in New Hampshire is improving as compared to the last several years.  We have made the turn from buyer’s market with high inventory and lower pricing, to the ever-present seller’s market with more buyers than listings, which brings higher pricing and multiple offers.

There is no better time to price your property to sell.  Overpricing does little more than give your property a stereotype, stale effect.  It red flags it to savvy buyers.  Your property is just going to sit.

Just because you may have made improvements over the years does not mean you add that all up and that is what the property is worth now.  And just because you refinanced it years ago when the market value was high, took that money out and paid bills, went on vacations, bought a boat, etc. doesn’t mean that your property is worth that amount. (Caution to anyone who refinances.) Your property is worth what the market will bear at this time, ie: market value.  Listen to a trusted real estate agent, one that will give you the actual value and help you price your property to sell, not to sit.

DuvalteamSpring 2014 Market Update