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Should You Do A Home Inspection?

The answer is always yes. It is peace of mind to know what you are buying. A seller’s property disclosure will only cover certain items and many unknowns. A home inspection is a more thorough look at the property you intend to purchase.

We recommend you choose a home inspector with excellent experience. Contact your state licensing board to find a complete list to choose from. Note: ASHI certified inspectors have completed over 500+ inspections. Experience matters. Inquire.

There is an inspection today on a house in our neighborhood. The buyers are present to observe and learn from the inspector. This is not a time that we as REALTORS would advise you; this is a professional home inspection and the inspector will advise you accordingly.

A seller/the homeowner is best not to be present during the home inspection, and who better to explain this to you than your REALTOR.

Contact us any time. We are never too busy to answer your questions and assist you with real estate. We want to be your REALTOR!

DuvalteamShould You Do A Home Inspection?