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Is Your Realtor A Good Negotiator?

When you hire a real estate agent to represent you in a home purchase, you are looking for someone who can formulate an offer for you, with your best interests in mind, and negotiate that on your behalf.

Price is one consideration of the sale.  Some may say this is the most important. However, the buyer must also consider the terms they will offer, such as the date of closing, any items they wish to add to the offer, requesting seller concessions such as closing costs or prepaid items or points.  Is this sale subject to inspections? financing? appraisal? Or is this a cash offer with few contingencies?  Does the buyer have a property to sell first?

Each offer stands alone.  If you may be up against other offers on this same property, you need a real estate agent who can help you formulate a competitive offer, and negotiate that on your behalf so that you have the edge.

We are trained to give you the edge in real estate.  -DUVALTEAM Real Estate

DuvalteamIs Your Realtor A Good Negotiator?

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