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2013 Housing Market Shifts

The NH Assoc of REALTORS reports 1,587 closings in JUNE 2013,
this is the highest month of sales since Sep 2005.
The Buyers market is becoming a Sellers market.
The transition period has begun. Buyers will find more and more multiple offers they will have to bid against. Sellers will start to see appreciation.  Home values have leveled and are beginning to increase.  Rates have moved slightly higher.  Each town in NH will vary as this process begins.

The real estate market is cyclical and the U.S. economy is effected by the real estate market.
Historically, statistics show that the market moves up and down every 7 – 10 years.
The market is now showing improvement in activity, offers, multiple offers on the same property, less days on the market, and growing equity and values.  States that were hit the hardest in this last recession are now among the first to have come back strong.
New Hampshire is showing improvement, each town will vary during this transition process.

Buyers, the time to purchase is upon you. If you wait, you may be saying
“ I wish I’d bought back when..”
I wish I had bought a house back
-when rates were lower
-when prices of homes were lower
-when I could negotiate without multiple contracts

Thinking of buying real estate?  Don’t wait and wish you’d bought back “when”.

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Sandi Duval2013 Housing Market Shifts